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Institutional knowledge delivered on demand

Empowering frontline workers

Talknician creates pathways for more efficient knowledge management within the industrial workforce.


Discover how Talknician can improve customer satisfaction, servicing outcomes, and hands on training for your business

How can Talknician be used in your organization?



Training is hard, training well is even harder. Talknician empowers organizations to take your best employees and build your training and procedures to model their real life expertise



With an environment of ever increasing complexity, your workforce needs to be prepared for the roles and challenges of tomorrow. Talknician embraces this transformation and puts your company ahead of the curve of change



Talknician can be used by servicing teams to share expertise more effectively, decrease downtime, and improve your customers experience and satisfaction


What's the bottom line?

  • Faster training
  • Improved safety
  • Higher productivity
  • Better quality assurance
  • Greater collaboration
  • Lower operational costs

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