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Enabling your team to build, retain, and spread expertise and knowledge like never before



According to 2021 projections the US industrial workforce will have a shortfall of nearly 2.5 million workers by 2030. Companies are going to be required to do significantly more with substantially less, so how can you actually do that? Part of it is how you approach training. With Talknician your team can create immersive training modules so that your in house expertise can flow seamlessly throughout your organization. Improve time to proficiency, worker engagement, and knowledge retention while at the same time redefining your best practices, optimizing and standardizing your operating procedures and creating a next generation skills development program.


Think about what your organization will look like in 10 years. Odds are it will change a lot. With a rapidly evolving landscape surrounded by constant change it’s critical to have an adaptable and resilient workforce. Roles and responsibilities are changing and with it so must the ability to proficiently train people in these roles. As technology and automation spreads throughout industry it’s imperative that your existing team has the ability to learn new critical skills needed to thrive and succeed


Be the uptime hero everyone else wishes they could be and kiss those expensive site visits goodbye. Your customers depend on you to deliver and you’re certainly not going to disappoint. Talknician can be used by servicing teams to create real time annotations, insert assets like schematics or CAD files, and to create step by step resolution guides for your customers issues. By providing “see what I see” capability and remote expertise combined with cutting edge augmented reality your team can rise to the challenges of your most demanding customers and come out on top every time.

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