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About Us

Talknician was built by people who think about problems first and solutions second. So why care about a problem? Because that means we can find a way to fix it. Our goal is to empower the American industrial workforce and to relentlessly serve those who are in it.

Our Story

Screenshot 2024-04-22 040636.png

(A very generous AI caricature)

A note from the founders

My brother and I were brought up in a blue collar town. Growing up, the people who worked in the industrial parks in town were our friends and neighbors. The world is starting to move faster and new technologies are bringing previously unseen opportunities to every corner of America. But in order to capitalize on those opportunities people have to know how to effectively use those new tools, That's what Talknician is all about, giving people the tools to be resilient, adaptable and competitive in a rapidly changing world.

To thrive.

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